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Our Story

Natasha has always had a profound interest in health and wellness, starting from a young age in the Island of Trinidad. It was there that her grandfather first introduced her to what is known as “Bush Medicine”, and began to teach her about the benefits of natural remedies through his work in their hometown. There she developed the utmost respect and reverence for nature and its capabilities.

As a young woman, she migrated to the United States, specifically Brooklyn, New York, where she still currently resides. A job as a Fitness Instructor at a local gym led to a chance meeting that would drastically change her course in life. There she met a woman who shared her own experiences as the owner of a health food store and wellness center, where Natasha eventually started working.

Working at this wellness center she was exposed to a lot of people that were ill and took an interest in the benefits and ingredients of different supplements. During her time there, she started to study the finer points of herbal medicine and ultimately incorporated her compilation of knowledge into her own practice. Since then she has gone on to establish over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness field.

Throughout her education leading up to her current residency, she has discovered that there is an herb for every ailment, and always a person in need of specialized care. She has gone on to own and operate Raine and River apothecary, where she formulates and creates her products. She has truly become a healer that her grandfather would be proud of. She knows that her Sincere Intention and passion for her work would make a tremendous difference to everyone that uses a Raine and River Product.