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  • Rose-Blood Female Tonic
  • Rose-Blood Female Tonic
  • Rose-Blood Female Tonic

Rose-Blood Female Tonic

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Description-   Rose-Blood Tonic is specifically formulated with every inch of a woman's body in mind. This powerful blend of herbs is nourishing and regulating the female system. The herbs in Rose-Blood are indispensable in their abilities to balance hormones, regulate cycles, ease PMS, cramps, heavy bleeding, and menopausal symptoms. It builds blood and immunity, brings more restful sleep and mental clarity, calms and relaxes the nervous system, relieves stress, increases energy and libido, also detoxes the liver and kidneys. Rose-Blood is an all-around restorative tonic for women. She Revitalizes the whole woman and just vibes with you spiritually.

Our Roots Tonic are made in the traditional way, all herbs used are organic or wild harvested.  Our herbs go through a long process of extraction in alcohol where the botanical constituents are released and then it's combined with alkaline water and other ingredients to complete the process.  This method is used because we feel it gives our tonics the power to push the benefits of the herbs deep into your bodies, and for a longer shelf life. There is a very low percentage of alcohol in each serving, if anyone is avoiding alcohol completely please try another one of our great products.

Organic Herbs Used- Dong-Quai, Rose Petals, Black Cohosh, Vitex, Raspberry Leaf, Mugwort, Dandelion, Burdock, Licorice, Rehmannia, Foti, Angelica, White-Peony, Damiana, Oat-Straw, Schisandra  Berry, Goji Berries, Nettle, Orange Peel,  Ginger, alkaline water, in cane spirits.



16 Ounce Product

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Lakiba R.
United States United States
Believe the Hype!

Rose Blood provides exactly what is advertised! It has provided balance to my physical and emotional well being. I am beyond happy to have found Rose Blood and will continue to use it as a part of my daily self care routine. And I love the ease of use! ❤️

Ritz M.
United States United States
5 stars, highly recommend

I waited a few months to leave a review. I have been taking the tonic for 4 months and it’s been such a game changer for my body and cycle. My periods are lighter, shorter, and not painful.

Dora K.
United States United States
I absolutely love it!

I’m on my 3 bottle of the Rose Blood tonic, using it since end of March 2020 and I’ve noticed my cycle has been lighter and less painful.

Ayanna G.
United States United States
My healer

POST FOR THE LADIES: Where do I begin...I suffered with fibriods for years and have been looking for alternatives to surgery. Thanks to @queenin247 for sharing her story, I was able to learn about her journey. I eventually reach out to @raineandriverapothecary Prior to reaching out, I suffered with heavy periods, nausea, cramping, dizziness and always felt tired. After taking the Rose Blood tonic, I started seeing small changes. I'm on my 3rd bottle and now I'm seeing major changes. These changes include shorter periods, feeling energized, glowing skin, less mood swings, less dizziness, no nausea and no more cramping. The Rose Blood tonic works wonders. I also use the Vtox and Vtea. They work well with the Rose Blood Tonic. I'm no medical professional and I'm not getting any monetary incentive for this post. I'm simply sharing my story to hopefully help someone else who suffers with fibriods like I did. Thank you again @raineandriverapothecary for being my healer. Now I don't need that surgery after all.

Cody R.
United States United States
Roseblood & VTox: DREAM TEAM!

i was on the pill for 23 years consecutively. went off in 2016 and all hell broke loose. 5 months of VTox so far and it is the only thing that’s made me feel like actual progress is being made. really intense cycles since i’ve started using the vtox; i know it’s doing its job. adding the Roseblood tonic has only made me feel more rejuvenated and supported. thanks again for your work and your product!